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Fiction by John Nance

Final Approach (Crown, 1990)
NTSB investigator Joe Wallingford faces his own personal crises as he works through conflicts and cover-ups to arrive at the true cause of an airline disaster)

Scorpion Strike (Crown, 1992)
A military techno-thriller set after the first Gulf War)

Phoenix Rising (Crown, 1994)
A gripping novel of international airline finance and treachery

Pandora's Clock (Doubleday, 1995)
A major New York Times Bestseller about a race against time with a doomsday virus threatening the world.

Medusa's Child (Doubleday, 1997)
An edge-of-your-seat thriller about five people trapped aboard a cargo jet loaded with a ticking nuclear bomb which could destroy all the computers in North America.

The Last Hostage (Doubleday, 1998)
An aggrieved father/airline captain hijacks his own airliner to force prosecution of the man he thinks killed his daughter, and rookie FBI negotiator Kat Bronsky has to try to talk him down to save over 130 lives - including her own.

Blackout (Putnam, 2000)
FBI Special Agent Kat Bronsky is back and fighting for her life and the lives of seven survivors of a terrorist-caused accident

Headwind (Putnam, 2001)
A real-life version of the Pinochet extradition case targeting a beloved ex-President of the U.S.

Turbulence (Putnam, 2002)
Disgusted passengers of a poorly run airline stage an airborne revolt at the wrong moment

Skyhook (Putnam, 2003)
A "Black" Air Force project is threatened by sabotage as an airline captain fights to regain his license and discover what knocked his private airplane out of the sky over the Gulf of Alaska.

Fire Flight (Simon & Schuster, 2003)
Two national parks are burning, but the aircraft needed to douse the fires are falling apart, and veteran pilot Clark Maxwell is faced with trying to find out why, and who's cheating, before more deaths occur.

Saving Cascadia (Simon & Schuster, 2005)
As the Northwest corridor implodes in the aftermath of a devastating series of earthquakes, and a tsunami of near-apocalyptic proportions approaches, so begins the quest to rescue hundreds of stranded vacationers and islanders