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Book Reviews

Reviews for Blackout:

"Heart-stopping stuff."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Brilliantly hair-raising."
- Publishers Weekly

"Moves at Concorde speed."
- People

Reviews for The Last Hostage:

"A thrilling ride...[Will] keep even the most experienced thriller addicts strapped into their seats for the whole flight."

"Slam-bang special effects...Nance's streamlined narrative offers some nicely nasty twists right up to a startling, and grimly appropriate climax."
-Kirkus Reviews

"You'll not unfasten your seat belt until you get to the last page."
-St. Louis Post-Dispatch -St. Martin's Press

Reviews for Medusa’s Child:

"...a thriller that grips and absolutely doesn't let go. "
-Kirkus Reviews

" compelling, it's tough to look away. "
-People Weekly Magazine

"Exclamation points abound, and the TV movie can't be far behind. "
-Gallery Magazine

Review for Skyhook:

“Great action thriller … John J. Nance does for action thrillers what John Grisham has done for legal thrillers. The story line is fast paced with plenty of action scenes, but it is the characters who make this book a tremendous hit.”