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ABC Analyst, Professional Speaker, Author & Consultant


"Your presentation was well-received by our membership. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, participants rated your session a 4.93..."
Maine Hospital Association

"As our Thursday morning leadership speaker you were exactly what our members needed…the enthusiasm and applause expressed by the attendees was a testimonial to your effectiveness."
Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership

"I was approached by at least 40 members who were full of praise for your presentation, many of whom stated that it was the best they had ever heard. This is especially meaningful, as one of these guys had been to about 30 of the annual meetings and is a founding member of the society."
Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons

"The high caliber of the presentations contributed immeasurably to the intellectual vitality of meeting. I must say, I can't recall ever seeing such positive response from the registrants. Speaking on behalf of the Society, we owe you a great debt of gratitude."
Society of Pediatric Anesthesia

"The group found your talk fascinating and motivating. Many of the clinical staff personally identified with your issues in the cockpit."
HealthCare Partners

"Your knowledge of both the aviation and healthcare industries and your expertise in "weaving a pattern" of human understanding of errors, and no blame resolutions, to the complexities of both industries was remarkable and exceptionally well received by our members."
VHA Mountain States

"You can't believe what an impression you made on our leadership team. The way you delivered the message was very creative in tying it to our theme, "Breaking the Safety Barrier."
Florida Power and Light

"We feel truly honored to have someone of your stature speak to our physicians...the talk you gave was informative and thought provoking, in addition to being thoroughly entertaining. You were the highlight of the seminar"
MacGregor Medical Association

"I heard many compliments about your address throughout the conference from attendees... this reaction is due not just to your outstanding skills as a speaker, but also because your message of effective communication and teamwork is so crucial today to the success, and even to the very survival, of almost any organization."
American Water Works Association

"...great speaker, worth coming to the seminar...dynamic, entertaining speaker - presented information in very useful manner...Interesting parallels of errors in flight travel and medicine - wonderful speaker! Absolutely fantastic speaker... the quality of the speaker was world class..."
Park Nicollet Health System

"...your presentation was absolutely superb."
The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

"I have heard nothing but excellent comments about your presentation, and judging from the conversations that took place after your talk, I know that physicians heard your message."
Iowa Medical Society

"...your talk has already created quite a buzz and rave reviews..."
Mayo Foundation

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did for our members last week at the Spring Conference…all those things that everybody has been saying about you are true. You really were outstanding."
Virginia Hospital Research & Education Foundation

"Your emphasis on leadership involvement in CRM was right on target. Your presentation really emphasized why crew members should incorporate CRM training into their everyday flying operations."
U.S. Department of the Air Force

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations at Durham Regional Hospital and Duke University Medical Center... I think you set a record for the most stimulating Grand Rounds presentation of the year. At least five people stopped me in the hall after the presentation or in the clinic that afternoon to compliment your presentation."
Duke University Medical School

"Your presentation was a provocative combination of education and entertainment and clearly articulated the need to facilitate open communication and teamwork..."
Gateway Purchases for Health

"...really enjoyed your presentation. We received "rave" reviews including comments like "fantastic keynote speaker" and "the highlight of the conference was the keynote speaker". You will definitely be a tough act to follow for our next year's speaker to follow."
Governor's Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board

"Wow! Terrific presentation and a great job energizing our conference."
Department of Health Management and Policy College of Public Health - University of Iowa

"An outstanding and engaging speaker...a great storyteller, brings to practical understanding the need for open communication...excellent speaker, analogies very useful in describing leadership failures and successes... Nance's energy in speaking about cockpit situations made me feel like I was in the plane - great overall speaker."

"As an authority on the topic of aviation safety, your comments on communicating in the cockpit and team building were particularly germane to our daily activities here..."
U.S. Department of the Navy