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Changing Cultures - Article by John J. Nance

John J. Nance is a well-known international advocate of crew resource management and expanded human performance training and is a dynamic professional speaker/consultant, presenting pivotal programs on Teamwork, Risk Management, Motivation, Coping with Competition, and other topics. He speaks to a wide variety of audiences, including medical and pharmaceutical professionals, CEO’s of major business-oriented corporations, and environmental, aviation, and travel-oriented groups. With his entertaining, highly motivational, yet informative style, he is in demand to give keynote speeches at conventions and symposiums worldwide.

John’s many satisfied clients have included the American Medical Association,, Emergency Nurses Association, HealthCare Association of New York State, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Foundation, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, U.S. Park Service, U.S. Navy, Washington Association of Sewer & Water and many, many more.

Whatever industry your business is in, it is more than likely your definition of a team is probably off base - just as it was in aviation. The same human errors that caused airplane accidents in the seventies may be costing your company money and time and efficiency today - but the fix is easy, and very effective.

Ever been on an airliner flown by just one pilot? If you flew before the 1980's you probably did - because only in the past two decades have airline pilots learned to fly as a team. John J. Nance's dynamic presentation focuses on the lessons learned in aviation, parallels them to your industry, and helps your organization develop methods to create stronger teams and effective communication."

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